Membership is at the core of the Y’s mission and purpose. We believe that strong communities and healthy lives are built by doing important things with people, not for them. So our purpose is not to provide services. Instead, we offer programs as a way to get members involved as co-owners and co-producers of the thing to which they belong. From the time you join, we seek to broaden and deepen your involvement, eventually drawing you into a close relationship as creator, volunteer, donor and friend.

Membership is flexible and available to all. We do not require a contract. To start your membership, simply complete a membership application, sign a waiver, and set up your payment method.

Membership dues draft on the 1st or 15th of the month, either directly from your checking or savings account or on your credit card.

You can join at the Regional Rate, which gives you complete membership privileges and access to all of our locations, or at a lower rate to have access to just the Pullum (Navarre) Branch or the Northeast (Langley) Branch. A Regional Membership offers access to all branches in our association, plus all Ys in Florida, Mississippi and Alabama. Branch-only memberships offer access to that branch only.

 Monthly Rates
Type Definition

Bear Levin
Studer Only 


Individual adult age 25-64.
$42   $40   $29
Young Adult Individual young adult age 13-24. $27   $26   $25
Senior Those 65 and older. $35.50   $34   $24.75
Household Two adults and all dependent children per IRS regulations, and all foster children and adult dependents per IRS regulations, living in the same household. $67.50   $64   $63

personal training

Each new membership will be charged a $50 Joiner’s Fee. This is a one-time fee as long as membership does not lapse for more than 90 days. There is no Joiner's Fee for a new Young Adult membership.

Membership fees seem a little out of reach? We want everyone to be a part of the Y, which is why we offer Y Assistance to determine a membership rate that works for you. Learn more about Y Assistance.

All new memberships require a completed application and signed waiver. Click the PURPLE JOIN ONLINE button above, or if you'd prefer, download a paper application:
Membership Application

Membership changes can be made at any time but require a written change form.

Member Change Form

Cancellation Form