As a leader in aquatics for more than a century, the Y promotes exercise in the water as a great option for all ages and fitness levels. Through our aquatics programs, you can learn to swim, benefit from lap swimming, participate in a water aerobics class, take a Lifeguard class, train to become a swim instructor, or enjoy recreational swim opportunities. 

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Water Aerobics Classes

All ages will benefit from our water exercise classes that offer excellent cardiovascular and strength training movements. Water provides buoyancy that removes impact from exercise, thus reducing the risk of injury. The water is also a safe environment for anyone recovering from injury, those suffering with arthritis, seniors concerned about their balance, and expectant mothers. 

water aero at Bear Levin Studer
Adult Swim Lessons
We offer swim lessons for those 13 and older who want individual help learning and improving their skills. Students work at their own pace. Each session is made up of eight 45-minute lessons. We welcome all levels from the beginner without experience who may be afraid of the water to those with some basic swimming ability who want to improve their skill in the water. Classes are offered year-round at our Bear Levin Studer Branch and spring/summer at our Pullum Branch. 

 Find information about swim lessons for children ages 3-12

Our indoor Bear Levin Studer Branch pool remains open all year. Our Northeast Branch and Pullum Branch pools are seasonal and are open during the summer.
Pullum: Youth Swim Lessons
Find information about swim lessons for children ages 3-12