For many of us, exercise is more fun when we enjoy it with others. Exercising together offers us the chance to make friends and feel part of a group, plus the added benefit of being motivated by the energy of those around us. 

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Bear Levin Studer (Downtown) Group Exercise Schedule

Pullum (Navarre) Group Exercise Schedule

In all of our branches, we offer group fitness classes that give our members the opportunity to benefit from exercising together. Our instructors are certified and experienced in providing a safe, enjoyable workout that will help you in your pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Our group fitness schedule includes body conditioning, Spinning, boot camp, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and a wide variety of classes that combine cardiovascular activity with strength work.

All of our classes are included with membership and open to all members at any time. Class schedules will change periodically in response to member demand, class attendance and instructor and space availability. Classes are included free with membership.

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