Cody, 14, lacked a male role model in his life, as he has little to no contact with his father. His mother is disabled, and Cody is diagnosed with autism. He really wanted a mentor just to hang out with, go to the park, and play football.

     Jake applied to become a mentor because he had a positive childhood with many people in his life who guided him down the right path. He wanted the opportunity to provide guidance and positive experiences to a child less fortunate. He was matched with Cody because they both have a passion for sports, the outdoors and bowling.  

Cody's first fish     Jake is very passionate about helping children reach their full potential and is looking forward to sharing new experiences with Cody. They have spent time golfing, bowling and playing baseball. Cody’s mother has already seen a positive change in his attitude since he was matched with Jake.

     Here Cody is seen here smiling ear to ear because he caught his first fish ever while sharing time with Jake. Often the simplest experiences can make such a positive impact on a child. If you want to make a difference in the life of a child, consider becoming a Reach & Rise mentor. It is beneficial not only for the child, but for the mentor as well.