Our Martial Arts programs offer a great opportunity for your child to develop physical strength while learning respect, discipline and teamwork. Classes are ongoing year-round. New participants can join at any time.

At the Northeast Branch we offer Yoshukai Karate, a Japanese style of karate founded in 1963. It is known for its rigorous physical training, respect for others and traditions. Practitioners of Yoshukai are known for their incredible demonstrations and tournament success. Instructor Hioaka Toyama has studied martial arts for more than 35 years and is a certified 7th degree black belt. Mr. Toyama has taught for the Y for more than 10 years. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, he will make you feel comfortable while offering you the highest level of instruction. Through Yoshukai karate, you will learn sparring and forms, self-discipline and self-defense and improved fitness level, concentration and self-esteem.

Yoshukai Karate for Youth is for ages 6-14.
Class schedule: Monday & Wednesday from 6-7 pm.
Location: Northeast Branch
Cost: $40/month for household members; $70/month for program participants

Download a Program Registration Form and Waiver.


Dr. Bradley Lord offers Chun Moo Hapkido classes weekly. 
Senior Master Dr. Lord started his martial arts training in 1986 and trains based on the Chun Moo Style of Hapkido. Master Lord holds a seventh degree black belt from Chun Moo Hapkido, a third degree black belt in Taekwondo from the ATA, and a Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the Rodrigo Pinheiro lineage. He is also a licensed therapist, Certified Addictions Professional and Certified Personal Trainer. Dr. Lord and his wife, Sharon, a fourth degree black belt in Chun Moo Hapkido and third degree black belt in taekwondo, have been members and supporters of the Y for many years. They have built their own karate school and are excited about bringing the program to the Y.

Chun Moo Hapkido is for youth ages 5 and older.
Class schedule: Tuesday & Thursday from 7-8:30 pm
Cost: $40/month for household members; $70/month for program participants

We also offer Adult Classes at both branches.