Reach & Rise® is a national YMCA  mentoring program designed to build a better future for youth by helping them reach their full potential through the support of caring adults. Volunteer mentors are matched with a young person for one year to provide one-to-one mentoring services and create safe, healthy and meaningful relationships with youth.  You and your mentee may participate in service projects or other engaging activities.

As a mentor, you will gain personal satisfaction from making a difference in a young person’s life. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with youth from different cultures and back­grounds. Together, you can share diverse experiences, develop a stronger sense of belonging within your community and create lasting memories and fun times!

Meet Gabrielle & Markerriya

     Gabrielle applied to become a mentor because she has such passion for children and wanted to help a child in the community. Markerriya is an 11-year-old girl who lives in a home with her six other brothers and sisters. She wanted a mentor to be able to experience new things and have someone to talk to. She struggles with all academic subjects.Gabrielle

     They were matched because they both love hair, nails, and dance, but also love to play sports and do outdoor activities. Gabrielle feels confident in her ability to help lead Markerriya down the right path and help her succeed. On their first outing, they had a blast at Fast Eddies. They spent time indoors and outdoors playing games, setting goals and getting to know each other. They made a wish list of things they are going to do together, which includes getting her grades up, going to Sunday school and playing basketball. They are both excited and happy to be involved in the Reach and Rise Mentoring program.

     The program current has 10 active matches and new three mentors in the process. Keep reading to learn more about the program and how to become a mentor. 


Meet Cody & Jake

Jake & Cody     Cody, 14, lacks a male role model in his life, as he has little to no contact with his father. His mother is disabled, and Cody is diagnosed with autism. He really wanted a mentor just to hang out with, go to the park, and play football.

     Jake applied to become a mentor because he had a positive childhood with many people in his life who guided him down the right path. He wanted the opportunity to provide guidance and positive experiences to a child less fortunate. He was matched with Cody because they both have a passion for sports, the outdoors and bowling.  

     Jake is very passionate about helping children reach their full potential and is looking forward to sharing new experiences with Cody. So far they have been golfing, bowling and playing baseball. Cody’s mother has already seen a positive change in his attitude since he was matched with Jake. 


Mentors must

  • be at least 23 years old
  • complete the 15+ hour training
  • pass a fingerprint security screening
  • have a clean driving record and valid auto liability insurance (if driving mentee)
  • spend 1-3 hours a week with youth over the course of a year

Mentor Application

To learn more or to volunteer, email Kimi Lirette, program director.