In the late 1800s, James Naismith, a YMCA physical education instructor at what is now Springfield College, invented basketball to provide indoor activity for students during the long New England winters. The sport has come a long way from those early days, when nine players on each team attempted to toss a soccer ball into peach baskets nailed to the balconies at the ends of the gymnasium. Now, this fast-paced sport has become one of the most popular in the world, thanks largely to athletes like Wilt Chamberlain, Christian Laettner, and Cliff Robinson – all of whom played basketball at the Y before becoming NBA stars.

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Today, we offer teens and adults opportunities for pick-up games, one-on-one play, or simply individual shooting practice in our gymnasiums at both the Bear Levin Studer Y and the Pullum Y. We have designated times for basketball play, and any open gym time can also be used for basketball play. We have basketballs available, or you can bring your own.