Volleyball was invented at the YMCA in 1895 and unveiled at a physical director’s conference at what is now Springfield College. We continue the tradition of this great sport and offer participants the chance to sharpen their skills and have fun.

Adult Volleyball

When you join our one-month spring adult program, you’ll improve your strength, accuracy, and endurance in this technique heavy sport while enjoying camaraderie with others and practicing good sportsmanship.



Pullum Family YMCA


  • Opens Jan. 2, 2025
  • Play happens in March 2025


18 and up


  • $60 for Household Members
  • $100 for Program Participants
Adult Volleyballs

At the Bear Levin Studer Y, we have designated times for recreational volleyball in our gymnasium. Play is open to all members. We set up the net and provide volleyballs – all you have to do is show up. All levels welcome.