We have spirit, yes we do, we have spirit, how about you?

If your cheerleader is ready to show their spirit, improve their strength and learn to cheer, it's time to join the Y squad!

Sports Recreation Cheerleading

Through our program, kids learn cheer, dance, and sideline routines, then put their skills into practice when cheering for our teams on the court and on the field. We help young cheerleaders build confidence and pride – and make sure their voice is heard. The concept of good sportsmanship is woven into the fabric of all that we do.


In Y sports, every child makes the squad and cheers at least half of every game.


Pullum Family YMCA


  • Opens Sept. 1, 2024
  • Practices start Oct. 1, 2024

Age Groups

  • 4-6 
  • 7-9 
  • 10-12


  • $60 for Household Members
  • $100 for Program Participants