When you're a kid, it's not "exercise." It's all just "play." But once you're all grown up, if you try hard, you might remember just how much fun it can be to play hard.

At the Y, we believe that sports offer another way for us to help build your child's muscles while building character. In Y sports, there are no tryouts, and every child plays at least half of every game. We emphasize learning teamwork and sportsmanship while improving coordination, building strength and endurance and having fun.

Our sports programs celebrate the spirit of the game, and the lessons learned in Y sports go far beyond the court and the field.

And oh yeah - that goes for the grown-ups, too.

Basketball - Youth

Dribble, pass, shoot and score in our basketball program.

Basketball - Adult Pickup

Get a great workout and have a great time with this sport invented at the YMCA.

Cheerleading - Youth

Show your spirit and strength as you cheer on the team.

Flag Football - Youth

Pass, catch, run and score in our flag football program.

Martial Arts - Adult & Youth

Learn discipline and self-confidence while practicing physical and mental health.


Hit the court and join the fastest-growing sport in America.

Soccer - Youth

Run, pass, shoot and score in our soccer program.

Volleyball - Youth

Serve, set, hit and score in our volleyball program.

Volleyball - Adult

Get a great workout and develop teamwork with this sport invented at the YMCA.