At the Y, we want membership to be easy. We know that life brings with it many changes, and your membership needs to change with you. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to make changes electronically.

Requests for Membership Changes and Cancellations Must Be Submitted by the 25th of the Month to Take Effect the Next Month.

Cancel Your Membership

When changes mean that you are ready to end your membership, notify us on the 25th of the month BEFORE the month you'd like to cancel

If you would like to suspend your membership for a short period, we ask that you cancel and return when you are ready. This will ensure that your membership starts again only when you are ready.

If you return to the Y within 90 days of canceling, you won’t pay a Joiner’s Fee. If you are moving out of the area, ask for a letter indicating you are a member in good standing, and most Y’s will waive your Joiner’s Fee when you join there.

Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may delay your return to the Y beyond the 90-day window. If a situation such as a health issue or family emergency delays your return, please speak with a staff member.

Cancel My Membership

Upgrade or Downgrade Your Membership

  • UPGRADE membership: An Adult, Senior or Young Adult can upgrade to a Household by adding a second adult and all dependent children living in the same household.
  • DOWNGRADE membership: A Household can remove additional members to change to an individual membership type.

Upgrade or Downgrade My Membership